What was I doing?

I went to India in August, just for 3 weeks. That is my home country. Kerala is one beautiful place, and is my birth place. 

We were glad to see our relative, including siblings and parents. 

This August was very rainy. I was able to explain to my daughter the music of the rain. It was all grey and wet. But I was glad to be there. We were able to celebrate the Onam festival. 

Here are some pictures of Kerala, when we were going through the forest near Sabarimala, a very famous temple in Kerala. What you see in the picture like smoke is not smoke at all. It is called “coda” there. When it is cold, you can see the fog like clouds which cover your view. By cold, I mean just 18 0r 20 degree Celsius. 


Below is a picture of river Pampa. You can see the pilgrims are getting in to the cold water before going to the temple. We were not going to the temple. To go to the temple, one need to be prepared by following certain rituals. The temple is on top of a steep hill. Devotees will tell you what a fulfilling experience to climb the hill by foot, and reach the temple!


I would like to add a seashore picture too. It was taken at Kovalam. Because of the heavy rains, the sea was rough and it took all the white sand and dumped black and red sand instead. You can see what an angry lady she can be…


It is so nice to go through the pictures and select some for the blog. It is like getting another happy trip!