Sisal covered bottles

I have been enjoying the long weekend. Kiddoo didn’t have any homework. Easter long weekend is over…I was doing some projects. Even though rain was predicted, it was not that bad.

After seeing the mega doily made by cotton rope on a website, I was really drooling on to make one. So off we went to find a suitable but affordable rope. I thought the sisal was going to be fine. Too bad for me, the sisal I bought from the Canadian Tire is too stiff and not so crochet friendly. So, I have given up on sisal. Then I found some bottles wrapped in jute and yarn on Google images. So I decided to make a few of mine using sisal. I started working with sisal twine and glue gun, the result is two wrapped wine bottles!!!

That picture is taken near to my TV. See another view of it now!

I got some magnetic beads. See them making images on my fridge! Since kiddoo finds it amusing, the beads are dancing to different images whatever she fancies each day. My flowers are giving a sunny mood to the the dull rainy April days.

Those were the projects of the long weekend. To give me some instant gratification, I made a bracelet today. Kiddoo says they are Saturn beads, because of the rings. Have a look…

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It is going to be Easter!!!

I was busy with making jewelry for some one. Too bad, I didn’t take any pictures of them. I make some crocheted stuff and have the pictures to share with you.

I made an amigurumi, with embroidered facial features. Look at this cutie…

The pattern is from the book “Super-Cute Crochet” by Nicki Trench. I want to make more super cute animals from this book. That is going to be some other days work.

Even though it is officially spring, Toronto is cold and we are getting a lot of rain. I did found some branches on the way to the library and cannot resist to bring them home. Now they are sitting in a container with water. They sure bringing some spring feelings to my life, even though the outside looks gloomy. Now, I have ideas to do things to adorn them. Right now, they are having a few buds coming….I want to wait and see what is happening to them. What do you think?

Since it is Easter, I am crocheting some eggs too. There are many patterns on the net. But I think, the pattern from Red Heart website for Easter Eggs is the better one. Look at the eggs…

The pink one is made using the Red-Heart pattern. It is a free pattern.

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Crocheted Coasters

Monday I was making some coasters. I was trying to figure out a pattern. I made it with blue center with white surrounding it. I The center was made using single crochet. The edging also done in single crochet and some chains.

While I was searching for a similar pattern I found one called Spring coasters. I tried them in dusty rose cotton and white acrylic. They are also beautiful.

Have a peek on those…

I made 4 of them.They are stacked and ready for use!!!

Easy crocheted flower

After seeing my Flower Fridge magnet, many people wanted to know how I made it. It is not that difficult at all. So here is a picture tutorial for crocheting a flower. See the flower has two rows of petals. I am assuming that you know the basic crochet stitches like single crochet, double crochet, triple crochet and slip stitch.
First of all make chain 3 and slip stitch to the first chain to form a ring. Now make 12 single crochet on the ring. Slip stitch to the first single crochet.

Since the center of the flower is finished we are starting to work on the petals. Make 3 chains, skip the next stitch and single crochet on the next single crochet. Look on the picture below to see how it is made.

Repeat the same 5 more times. Did you get it like this one in the following picture?

We are going to work on the 3 chain loops now. Make i single crochet, 1 double crochet, 1 triple crochet, 1 double crochet and 1 single crochet on the chain 3 loop.

Repeat to 5 more times and you have six petals, like in the picture showed below.

Now we are going to create the second layer of the petals. First make a single crochet between the first and last single crochet in the just finished row. I have a picture for you.

Make 4 chains like in the picture,

Here is the tricky part. you need to join to the single crochet you made when you were creating the chain 3 loops. It should be done behind the petals we made.Confused? Look on the picture below.

Repeat 5 more times . Want to see how it looks like when you look from underneath?

So far so good. Right? Now create the petals. The pattern is 1 single crochet 1 double crochet 2 triple crochet, 1 double crochet and 1 more single crochet.It will look like this.

Repeat for the remaining 5 petals. See, you are finished the flower!!!

Flower fridge magnet

I was just looking around. The blue yarn was almost abandoned because it is so short. But it is not too short to throw away. So the blue yarn was having little blues of its own. That is when I figured out, it will be good enough for a flower. The advertisement magnetic strip from the bank was not even having a phone number. So together, they become this:

The flower was getting tacked to the magnet strip with fabric glue. It worked pretty well. I like the outcome.

May be I will make a bunch of flowers…. Not now, because I don’t have much magnet strips.

Then it occurred to me to make a square. It just got made up.

When I put it in a different angle, it looks like a diamond.

Made another one using a multicolor yarn.