A quiet Monday

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The weekend was pretty nice, but busy. I was able to borrow few crochet books from the library though. Kiddu was off to downtown with friends. Since her exams are done and the classes begin only on Friday, she is very happy. I have to confess that I am a bit scared when she want to go to downtown with friends. But I have to let her learn to fly…by herself, I think.

So again another Monday, I am pretty mcuh free to myself to crochet…’The Made in Canada’ cotton yarn is just waiting for a project. With the dusty rose cotton yarn, I made few placemats. They are about 6 inches diameter. I made a set of 6. Got enough time to steam block and take pictures too.

This is the picture of the set. I just put them one on top of another.

Also, remember the last week’s work in progress? I finished that one. the photo I took didn’t turn out well. But it is a successful baby blanket of size 28X28 inches. I will post the picture another time during the week.

Weekend Work In Progress

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I was not doing that much crochet the last week. But, I am glad that I was able to fix a necklace for some one. It was an old necklace, but it was her one of her favs.This time I remembered to take a picture.

Since the blog heading is Work in progress, there should be a project in progress right?The soft acrylic yarns were calling my name when I was in Walmart. Who could resist such pastel softy baby yarns?? Especially when they were on bit of the “sale” side!! So I picked three balls. Then,started working on this pale green, baby pink and white blanket Granny square it is…and going to be a baby blanket.(No, I am not pregnant.) I haven’t made a blanket for a long time.Still don’t know why am I making it. It is just a kind of “you have to do it”kind of project, you know?

crocheted baby blanket

Haven’t just figured how to make a border for this one. Right now, it is just the feeling of soft yarn moving through the fingers and getting in to a granny square blanket….

Adding Etsy shop to Blogspot blog

So you have an Etsy shop and you started a blogspot|(blogger)blog for free. Now how to add your link to the blog side bar?

Go to Etsy and log in.Then, find Etsy mini by searching or typing www.etsy.com/your/mini on the address bar. Make sure you are logged in to Etsy.

You can see “Build your own Etsy Mini.

Choose “Items from my shop”.

Choose Thumbnail under :Choose Image size”

Now you can see ‘Paste this code and the code in the box below.

Copy that code.

Got your blogspot blog.

Go to Layout.

Click on Add a gadget.

In the Basic section you will find “HTML/Java script”.Click on that one.

Paste the code to content.

Give title as whatever you need to appear on blog.

Save and you are done.

Made In Canada

I love crocheting. I have a stash of yarn and threads. But I wasn’t paying much attention to where the yarn is made until recently.To be exact, till I saw Diane Sawyer of ABC was making calls to ” Buy America”. Then I started looking where the products are made. That is where I started to notice that most of the yarn I am buying is not made in this part of the world.

A recent visit to the Zellers at the Cedarbrae mall, surprised me with the Made in Canada yarns. Unlike Wallmart, they have mill ends made in Canada. Also, I saw the Promofill acrylyc blend for $0.99 for 70 grams. It is a thinner yarn, and I am thinking of using a 3mm hook to start a new project soon. I also bought 2 packs of mill ends in cotton, thinking of making something for the upcoming craft show.

Hope, to post some pictures soon…