Spring at Rosebank Drive


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Easter is over… April is going to finish. Still a bit cold. Rosebank Drive is getting in the spring mode. I walked to the Burrows Hall library, on a slightly cold evening. This is what I saw. Aren’t they beautiful? … Continue reading

Abstract crochet cats and Crochet Geek


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I am currently making a Crochet Blanket. You may wonder what is that great to talk about a crochet blanket…It is just a usual crochet project, right? It is not my regular crochet project. Blankets can be lengthy projects and … Continue reading

How to attach crochet flower to hair clip


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Every hooker, I mean crocheter will agree that crochet is addictive.If I can’t do any hooky business, the day is wasted. The life is just a bit busy than normal now days here in Bindu world. I found a very … Continue reading

Apple and Oats crunch with craisins


As you have noticed, there is not much recipes in my blog.The last one was about the Smoothie.  But, today I made this easy peasy Apple Crunch.

Apple and oatmeal crunch with craisins

I am yummy...

My online friend Susan Cooper made Apple Oat Crunch and posted the recipe on her blog. It looks nice and feels like easy to make. Only problem was I don’t have any apple sauce and raisins at home today.

But I want to try the recipe before going to work…That must be “now”. So there I went to make my apple sauce…Mine is just cooking one apple (cut in to pieces) in  quarter cup of water with a dash of lemon juice, bit of cinnamon powder and few spoons of sugar. Since there was fresh lemon in the fridge, I added some lemon zest too.

Instead of raisins, I added the craisins…

Susan said it is breakfast. But I tried it anyway. It is good. So, try this delicious fast breakfast. Oats is known to reduce the cholesterol. This recipe needs no cooking…(of course, if you decide to have the store bought apple sauce).

I used Red Delicious. Susan used Fuji apples.

This is not the only recipe Susan shares. She has a lot of yummy recipes in her blog. So I will tell you to go and explore her blog and enjoy her illustrations.

Enjoy cooking!!!