Never Enough Yarn for Crocheting

Remember, I finished that white blanket? After the white crawly, I started to make one more crawly. The yarn was not enough, so I had to stop working.

Then I started working with thinner yarn and the shoulder started aching. I started scared of getting a crochet injury. So, I stopped working continuously and did some shoulder exercise. Now the pain is better. But, not completely gone.

Now for the fun of it, I took some softer yarns and started making squares. Since I can’t live without doing crochet, making few squares a day is very satisfying and less stress to shoulders.

Crochet squares made by BinduDesigns in pink-blue-beige

Now, I am again running out of the blue. Hopefully, I will get some more blue soon. Any suggestion to having enough yarns all the time?

What you will be doing when the supply run out unexpectedly?

After the success with the last blog interview with French and Fauna, I am getting ready for  the next blog interview. I will give you a little hint: It is with an artist working with beads. She is a successful seller and an Etsy team leader too. Wouldn’t you want to know much about her?

I am working on making the post. It will be up this week itself.

Till then, happy crafting.



Block the Crochet: How I do it.

Years before, when I was just a beginner crocheter, I never heard of blocking crochet.
In crochet world, blocking means shaping and moulding the crocheted piece to the accurate size and shape. I was thinking, it was hard and avoided blocking before.

I like the wet blocking and sometimes steam blocking.

The very first time, I used my iron box with steam setting to block. I was actually ironed the piece. Not a great idea. When I hold the iron box just above the crocheted piece and let the steam work on the pinned pice, it looked much better.

I never bothered to block when I used acrylic yarns. But, tried it once and now I do block all the pieces made of Red Heart super saver too.

I bought some interlocking floor mats from Walmart. It is very affordable to me. I use the pins from the Dollarama. That is super easy.

I use a spray bottle to spray water on the piece. Pin it on the form floor mats. Then forget about it for a day. The next day, they will be in their beautiful shape.Pin Monster

The picture is my pincushion made from a mitten. I think, I made it after seeing a video on Threadbanger. If anybody really wanted to make one, I can explain it later.
How do you block your crochet?

Added stitches to a pattern

“The finer Edge” is a crochet pattern book by Kristin Omdahl. The book cover is very interesting. There are many patterns to browse…

The patterns are given in written and chart form. I was trying few edges. The patterns are not written very well. May be it is just me…I am not sure. But with the accompanying charts, it was fine for me to figure out how  to make them. I was interested in making the “Faux Overlapping MiniWheel motifs”. It is very interesting to create. After making a few wheels, I decided to go on my own.IMG_5438marked.jpg The scalloped edge is Bindu Designs. I made the interesting color splatter by holding two different color threads together to crochet. Remember I was showing the plastic flowers last year? The flowers were still in the same glass bottle:


Now with the new crocheted piece added to the bottle, it has a different look.IMG_5440

I cannot say I am fully satisfied with this one. The stems are still visible. That tells me I needed to do something more. I am letting my imagination to go wild to find new possibilities. Do you have any ideas?

Spring is still not here…

It has been winter for a long time… I don’t have much to complain. there is not much snow like that in the United States. We got only one big storm…


Still, don’t we all feel like, we want to have the spring sooner? Mother nature is not yet ready for spring I guess. So, with the yarn and hook, i made…



I love the fact,Makenzie Alvarez added that to her treasury. Thanks for looking in BinduDesigns shop.It is entitled Blooming. that reminds me to tell you that, she kindly agreed to do a blog interview. It will be published this week itself.

I also have few more flower projects running.


‘Blooming’ by makenziealvarez

Hand colored Open E…


Bloomin’ Button…


Salvia and Nicotian…


Face Scrubbies, clo…


5 pack resin flower…


Lilly of the Valley…


Hand crochet pincus…


A beautiful pink ca…


Crochet Hairclips, …


Antique Gold Flower…


Heart of Cherubs Ga…


Vintage Hankie with…


Handbag Tote Book B…


Estate Vintage .925…


Daffodil Flowers Ha…


SALE 10% off Use FA…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

I used to make the html format for the above treasury to show in the blog.



The pink flower key ring is the newest addition to my Etsy shop
croceted flower key ring